Ready-Made Christmas Gift Certificate Templates

Christmas is the time of year when you want to show your friends and family how much you care, cherish and love your family. But one of the main struggles you'll face is deciding what's the perfect gift. If this is troubling you, worry not as getting a Christmas gift certificate is an ideal choice. Gift certificates are digital or printed voucher documents that can be used to avail and buy certain products and services. They're used as a form of promotional media and advertising by businesses to inform clients about the brand. The most popular businesses that issue Christmas gift certificates include specialty stores, boutiques, hotels, and grocery malls. With these gifts, customers feel appreciated hence more willing to come back in the future.

How To Design a Christmas Gift Certificate

If you operate a business, creating a Christmas gift certificate that stands out is essential. The question you must have on your mind at the moment is, where do you start? This is something you must be asking yourself in a bid to try and create an exceptional gift certificate for marketing and promotional purposes.

Here is an overview of the steps to take when creating a Christmas gift certificate template;

Preparing A Marketing Plan

Coming up with a detailed marketing plan should always be the first thing to do before proceeding to design a Christmas gift certificate. With the plan in place, you'll be able to establish the current marketing trends. As a result, you won't have a hard time coming up with marketing ideas, which will be vital in helping you achieve your objectives. This will see your business will generate more profit, proving the importance of always planning.

Collect Design Details

When designing a Christmas gift certificate template, it's best to incorporate different modern design elements into its layout. This means you need to do enough research on the content and graphic design to use on the gift certificate template. For example, if your customers are into simple designs, make sure to implement such designs to take your designing a notch higher.

State The Possible Offers

As you design the Christmas gift certificate template, ensure to consider your customers' trends and preferences. By doing this, you'll come up with suitable discounts, freebies, and markdowns. However, there are several factors you must do before you determine the appropriate discount amounts. These include examining your competitors, determining profitable discount prices, assessing your profit margins, and pricing strategies.

Incorporate Creativity

Once your marketing plan, offers, and design inspiration are in place, you can proceed to implement everything. This includes using editing applications such as Apple Pages on your Mac, Adobe Photoshop, or Microsoft Publisher. It would be best to showcase your creativity by making sure to be efficient and smart in every element. This includes your business name, logo, expiry dates, terms, conditions, and the name of the recipient.

Double Check All Designs Before Printing

Before you print your Christmas gift certificate template, ensure everything is in place as desired. This means tracing numbers, confirming every offer, and any other useful information. It's crucial to always inspect these documents before sending your stakeholders and clients. Moreover, make sure to use high-quality paper stocks for your Christmas gift certificate. The reason for this is that they're more durable and more presentable.

Why Should You Use Christmas Gift Certificates?

There are several reasons you should opt for Christmas gift certificates as the ideal gift for your loved ones. The reasons include;

  • They're personal – While many people are of the view that giving friends and family, a gift certificate is impersonal, that's far from the truth. Giving someone a personalized Christmas gift certificate allows you to design something unique for an individual. If you want to add a greater personal touch, uploading photos is a great option.
  • Helps you save money – Spending a lot of money isn't the perfect definition of the ideal gift! This is well proven by giving your friends and family a Christmas gift certificate, which will not be appreciated but also helps you save money.
  • Show your appreciation – If you want to show your deep gratitude to someone, there's no better way of doing so than using a Christmas gift certificate.

What Details Should You Include In The Christmas Gift Certificate Template?

As you design the Christmas gift certificate template, you should focus on retaining all particulars and details that your customers will love. The details that must always be included in your Christmas gift certificate template include;

  • A highlighted title of the certificate
  • Contact and address details
  • A detailed description of the product specification, user reviews, company information, user reviews, and testimonials
  • The certificate's terms and conditions
  • Unique event name and certificate number to help in tracking
  • The certificate's terms and conditions


Christmas gift certificates are an excellent way to show your love for family and friends. As a businessperson, you should take advantage of this festive season to improve your business's brand image. If you had no idea where to start, this detailed article has taken you through the steps to design a Christmas gift certificate template. You also know how to convince your clients that this is, without a doubt, the ideal gift for this upcoming festive holiday.

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