Ready-Made Letterhead Templates

Letterheads usually added to the company's stationery help promote your business's identity, just like the brand does to your business. The process of designing a letterhead on your own is relatively satisfying, but it needs considerable effort to be achieved. If you're worried about where to start, worry no more. This is because using our free and pro letterhead templates is an excellent solution since you save yourself the trouble of needing to begin this process from scratch. If you choose our templates, you're guaranteed to get professional, printable, and customizable templates. These templates incorporate high-quality features, and the content can be edited with ease. Therefore, you don't have to struggle to add your company's contact details, name, logo, and any other relevant corporate design quickly. These templates are available for download in file formats such as MS Word, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and CorelDRAW. If your goal is building a strong corporate identity, look no further as these templates are a perfect choice.

How to Make a Letterhead

The graphic elements, texts, and labels placed at the top part of a stationery or letter paper are referred to as the letterhead. It includes the name, company logo, email address, physical address, and phone and fax numbers. Other than serving as business cards, letterheads also act as your company's supplementary promotional material.

With a letterhead that's detailed and well-formatted, you'll be able to bring out the branding of your company. It also goes a long way in bringing out professionalism and creating credibility. Here are the six steps you should follow when creating a useful letterhead.

Create An Outline

Before you can even begin making a letterhead, the first thing to do is create a sample letterhead in the computer software. You should start this by taking your pen and paper and starting to plot a draft of the design you're intending. By doing this, you'll better understand how to position pictures and texts together.

Pick A Program

Once you've laid out your plan, the next thing is picking a program that allows you to design the letterhead. The applications you use to do this include Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Word, and Google Docs. If you don't want to spend lots of effort and time designing the template, there are many ready-made letterhead templates on this page to download for free or buy.

Choose Suitable Colors and Fonts

According to research done by Loyola University in Chicago, brand recognition is increased by 80% because of colors. It's thus evident that choosing suitable fonts and colors is vital if you want your letterhead to be attractive. When selecting a color scheme, go for one that not only best represents your company's industry, be it construction or IT but also has a modern look.

You also need to ensure your company's letterhead is brief and brings out a good impression to your possible clients. When choosing the fonts, ensure to choose one that is readable both in digital and print media while making sure it's simple but visually attractive.

Key In The Details

After choosing the colors and fonts, the next thing to do is to begin typing the relevant details. If you want your company letterhead to achieve its purpose, make sure to include the business name, contact details as well as address. Moreover, you can choose to include your company's tagline should you wish, but this needs not to be present if the letterhead is sent by the HR department for internal use only.

When type in the circumstances, it's advisable to include your design's hierarchy. This means placing the most vital details in a manner that's easily accessible to your readers.

Add a Logo

The best way to make your business recognizable is by adding a logo on your letterhead. When placing the letterhead, the perfect position would be at the letterhead's top above or right next to the company's name.


Take your time and go over your design, and after confirming everything is okay, go ahead and save it. It's recommended to use this same letterhead design or format when making an envelope to guarantee consistent branding. You can find an envelope and letterhead mockups to use or give you an idea on our website. Collected statistical data shows that your company's brand presentation increases its revenue by 23%.

Different Types of Letterhead Templates

  • Business Letterhead Template. For a business letterhead template, you shouldn't complicate matters as it needs to be simple to improve its appeal to your clients.
  • Small Business Letterhead Template. This letterhead is a suitable choice if you're s small business owner, and it needs to be simple while still looking stylish. You need to make sure it looks professional, and its design enables the positioning of the company logo on the page's top left side. Moreover, ensure to include other vital details, including contact details and address of your business. This information should be positioned at the bottom side of the document for the different file formats.
  • Construction Letterhead Template. Do you want your construction company to expand quickly? If so, designing a construction company letterhead is the way forward, as this promotes offline communications with your customers. As a result, this increases your company's validity, dependability, and authenticity.
  • HR Letterhead Template. Regardless of whichever business you run, having an HR letterhead template is vital. The HR letterhead template is used for rejection letters, appreciation letters, thank you letters, offer letters, and many others.
  • IT and Software Letterhead Template. Designing an IT and software letterhead template is crucial if you want to give your clients an excellent impression. This is something that every company is recommended to have to make sure their clients see them as professionals.
  • Real Estate Letterhead Template. This letterhead is engaging and simple, usually placed on the right side with the dress on the left side. You can fully customize this template, depending on your wishes.
  • Restaurant Letterhead Template. The restaurant letterhead template is a must-have as a restaurant owner to market and brands your business. This marketing is vital if you want to outdo your competitors as its superb branding appeals to your customers, thereby making them loyal to your brand.
  • Simple Letterhead Template. If you want a minimalistic letterhead, look no further than the simple letterhead template. In this letterhead template, you need to use incorporate minimal personalized images, fonts, and themes. The goal is solely to convince clients why to opt for your services without seeming to try too much.
  • Personal Letterhead Template. This letterhead should have customized images and fonts. The reason for this is that it is to try and make yourself stand out, hence prove why your prospective clients should choose you rather than your competitors.
  • Artiest Letterhead Template. As an artist, you'll also need a letterhead template to market yourself to your potential clients why you're the ideal choice. Here you can go ahead and include all the crucial information such as your contact number and address. With the artist industry increasingly becoming competitive, this will help you distinguish yourself from others.
  • Charity Letterhead Template. Even when giving back to society, it's crucial to have a well-designed charity letterhead template. Here, you'll go into detail what the goal of the charity mission. With an excellently designed letterhead, you'll do a better job of convincing people to make donations.
  • Creative Letterhead Template. This letterhead template allows you to showcase your creative skills. Therefore, you need to choose a theme and fonts that stand out, plus making sure it's of appropriate size and shape.
  • Official Letterhead Template. An official letterhead template is used by businesses while carrying out formal business with its clients and other stakeholders. It needs to be available in a suitable theme, as well as the ideal shape and size.
  • Graphic Design Letterhead Template. If you're a graphic designer, standing out from others in this extremely competitive space is essential. There's no better way of achieving this than by designing a graphic design letterhead template. Here, you get to explain why your protective customers should pick you and not your competition.
  • Law Firm Letterhead Template. Do you run a law firm? If so, you need to have a law firm letterhead template where you'll detail your company's mission to satisfy its clients' needs. As you do this, make sure it comes in the right size and pick a great theme to appeal to your potential clients.


Letterhead templates play a vital role in making your business more competitive. Therefore, you need to design one to notice and increase your sales by making your business more appealing to your prospective clients.

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