Why should I use Docformats.net?

Docformats.net provides you with Editable and Printable templates of exceptional quality. Many of these templates contain suggestive texts that assist users in the faster editing of templates, thereby ensuring you do not start from scratch.

How much can these files be edited?

To start with, Docformats.net provides its users with fully customizable files that enable users to resize, crop, replace fonts, add images, or add graphic text, colors, and elements to the standard template.

Which formats are available for template download?

The graphic templates on Docformats.net are available in Photoshop, Illustrator, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word. There also templates and business-related documents in Google Docs, MS Word, Numbers, Excel. The number of formats that these files are available fluctuates per template.

What imitations do the downloaded templates have?

There are restrictions on how you can use the downloaded templates, and these are;

  • Renting, selling, or sublicensing any template from this site, including the revised versions, is prohibited.
  • Distribution of banned templates unless explicitly approved by Docformats.net.
  • Including a template from the site in an offline or online database or if the file is illegal under as indicated by the license agreement.
  • Users are prohibited from offering Docformats.net designs or any modified version of these templates for download.
  • Users are not allowed to copyright templates and any item that Docformats.net had uploaded initially.

What will happen if I can’t receive a template I have downloaded?

This has never happened at Docformats.net, but please do not hesitate to contact us in the event it does.

What is the main difference between the Free and PRO members?

Free: You must attribute Docformats.net or mention created by www.docformats.net in your printed projects/assignments. Read more.

PRO Member: You can use our templates without crediting www.docformats.net. Additionally, you will have access to exclusive PRO templates available only for premium users.

How do you attribute Docformats.net?

Users are required to include the credit as a free member.

For Social Media Networks & Digital Media (blogs, ebooks, newsletters, websites, etc.)

Docformats.net urges that site details be shown as credits under a used template. If there is no place for these credits, it is recommended you place it on a printed object that you have created. For instance, when printing a book with a Docformats.net book cover, you should put the credits on the acknowledgment page or the cover. Always ensure these acknowledgments are visible and apparent to the users.

Example: Book Cover by Docformats.net

Are there limits on the personal use of these templates?

Yes, users can only print or digital share a maximum of 20 copies. For anything over this, users must become a premium member to use it without limitation.

Are there software that are needed to edit the products?

When modifying any of the products, please ensure to use a software version that is compatible with the downloaded files. For example, Ai files should be used alongside Vector Edition programs like Adobe Illustrator, PSD files opened and edited using Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Excel opened using Excel, and Microsoft Word files edited using Microsoft Word.

How do I go about editing file fonts?

Every zip file comes with its own linked font files. Therefore, all that is needed is installing these files in their corresponding software to edit the downloaded template.

Am I allowed to use Docformats.net products for commercial use?

Yes, but make sure to go over the license policy before you do that to avoid any possible inconvenience.

Are the Docformats.net files printable?

Yes, they are. Docformats.net ensures it is always up-to-date with the set industry standards, thereby guarantees high-quality printing for commercial and personal use. Therefore, you can do commercial printing or print at your home.

Are all the items on Docformats.net free?

No, not every template can be downloaded for free; we have an exclusive collection of premium templates labeled “pro” and are only available to our premium members. Nevertheless, Docformats.net has certain restrictions regarding products on this site to prevent spam and abuse of our products on the site. If you want to learn more about this, look over our License Policy and Terms and Conditions agreements.