Ready-Made Gift Certificate Templates

Are you searching for a fully editable and well-designed gift certificate template? If so, you’re in luck since these gift certificate templates can be downloaded for free and are 100% customizable in MS Word. With gift certificates, you’ll promote and advertise to your customers, reminding them of your products and brand. Explore these gift certificate templates to get started.

What Is a Gift Certificate?

Before even diving further on the details about the gift certificate, you first need to understand what it is. A gift certificate is defined as a digital voucher or printed document used for buying and making specific products and services to the customers. They’re often used by businesses such as specialty stores, boutiques, grocery malls, and hotels to win the customer’s loyalty, thereby ensuring they don’t switch to a competitor. On top of serving an excellent way to gift your clients for their continued loyalty, gift certificates are a remarkable marketing strategy businesses use to reach potential customers.

You can also find online gift certificates, which give you access to great deals in the online industry. Many of the popular online gift certificates are in the gaming industry, such as Fortnite gift certificates. There are also online gift certificates for online shops, booking reservation agencies, to mention a few.

How to Create a Gift Certificate?

If you’re a business owner, it’s essential to make sure that the gift certificates always have a great design. This is important because they’ll serve as your marketing and promotional tool to your current and prospective customers. Furthermore, these gift certificates hold substantial monetary value, and you can use them to redeem specific products and services. Having a gift certificate gives customers the feeling that they’ve got money to spend on goods and services being sold at the store. As a result, this makes them open to returning and spending the entire sum and buying items in cash in the future.

It’s thus evident that gift certificates play a vital role in increasing your brand’s awareness. The question in your mind right now must be how you go about creating a gift certificate. Here are the steps you need to follow;

1. Have a Marketing Plan in Place

Before designing a gift certificate, the first thing you should do is have a well-laid out marketing plan in place. With a marketing plan, you’ll be able to identify the economy’s current trend and know-how to create the perfect marketing ideas that will help you achieve your company’s goals. This consequently results in increased cash flow, which translates to higher profit margins for your business. As a result, you’ll have an easier time attaining your company’s objectives.

2. Collect Design Details

You should research different content and graphic designs to get inspirations that will be incorporated into your gift certificate. This will entail incorporating various design elements on your gift certificate. It’s best to understand your customer’s preference before designing the gift certificate. This is vital since some clients prefer simplistic designs, while others are into more stylistic designs.

3. State The Possible Offers

Once you’ve established a suitable design, you should prepare your business plan and incorporate the most suitable offers. It would be best if you did this after examining your customer’s trends and preferences. Subsequently, it will be easier to determine the appropriate discounts, freebies, markdowns, and amounts.

If you intend to offer discounts on several goods and services available in the store, make sure to factor in several elements. These include assessing your competitors, examining your profit margin, identifying your pricing strategies, and calculating profitable discount prices. Any offer stated on the gift certificate needs to be in line with the current stock and sales target.

4. Incorporate Creativity

Now that you have the marketing plan, design inspiration, and offers ready, it’s time to implement everything. Executing creativity entails being smart and efficient in how you place elements like the business name, logo, terms and condition, name of the recipient as well as expiry dates on the gift certificate. Creativity will be essential as you place texts and graphic designs using editing applications such as Microsoft Publisher, Apple Pages, or Adobe Photoshop.

5. Go Through Each Design Before Printing

Once you’re through, confirm that every design and everything is as you’d want it. This includes confirming the tracing numbers, offers, and any other appropriate information. Make sure to always do this before sending the document to the relevant stakeholders and your customers. When printing, always use paper sticks of exceptional quality for tidy presentation and durability.

Which Details Are Contained In a Gift Certificate?

During the design and preparation of your gift certificate, the critical factor to consider is to ensure all the details are included. By doing this, you can be sure that your customers will be pleased with the subsequent gift card. There are several essential tips you must make sure to consider to know what and how to frame your gift certificate template. These points will also be useful in helping you in making your decision.

These details that you must include in the gift certificate template include;

• A highlighted certificate title
• The certificate’s terms and conditions
• The certificate’s expiry in bold letters
• A detailed description of the product specification, company details, user review, and testimonials
• Distinct certificate number for tracking purposes

It would be ideal to consult an expert if you’re uncertain on the best way of designing a standard, formal, professional certificate template.

What are Some Different Kind of Gift Certificates?

Business Gift Certificates: These are gift certificates that you use alongside booklets, flyers, and brochures to promote your business to existing and potential customers more effectively. Using these certificates gives your customers free certificates, and as a result, makes them more loyal to your brand.

Christmas Gift Certificates: These are personalized gift certificates you give your customers during the festive season for shopping in your store. The design of these gift cards incorporates a cheerful mood to better attract your customers.

Spa Gift Certificates: If you’re a spa owner, an excellent technique of winning your customers’ loyalty is by giving them free spa gift certificates. With these certificates, your clients will get free services at your shop, including free body and facial treatments, as well as body manicures.

Beauty Salon Gift Certificates: One way of keeping your salon the go-to place for various services, including facial aesthetics, nail manicures, foot care, aromatherapy, and skin health. With this gift certificate, your customers are offered these services to match the gift certificate’s value.

Massage Gift Certificates: This gift certificate helps you get free massages at the store offered, including full body massage from a trained professional.

Birthday Gift Certificates: If you’re searching for the perfect last-minute present, the birthday gift certificate is the way to go. You can get this certificate from the recipient’s favorite store, and it’s usually colorful and fun to bring out the birthday feel best.

Dinner and Movie Gift Certificates: If you want to provide your customers with a free cinematic experience, the dinner and movie daft certificate is the best idea. With these certificates, your customers enjoy a meal and watch a movie without paying a dime.

Hotel Gift Certificates: This gift certificate is given by hotels to allow you to enjoy a stay in the hotel. Consequently, you get to relax at the spas, dine at the restaurants, or stay in one of the rooms without paying anything.

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