Rights Policy

In the best interest of site usage, the term “template” will be used to refer to all legal documents, business papers, and designed templates that can be downloaded from the Docformats.net website.

Docformats.net places great emphasis on guaranteeing that every work feature on its website does not violate intellectual rights. Therefore, all products that display or use without permission or license are considered infringing on intellectual rights. If you are discovered to violate any of the displayed properties without approval, this is deemed A violation and disregarding the rights mentioned above.

Upon discovering any intellectual rights infringement by the site, feel free to contact our Copyrights officer and submit A report with the following details;

  1. An electronic or physical signature of the victimized party and the owner’s consent whose work is in question. This grants the plaintiff the authority to act on their behalf.
  2. Identification of the trademarked, copyrighted, or other marked rights of the violated works as purported by the complainant.
  3. The precise and complete URL of the product in contention, as shown on the Docformats.net site, as well as the URL of the supposed infringed intellectual item.
  4. The plaintiff’s contact details, including the full name, mobile number, and email address, ensure smooth communication between the two parties when needed.
  5. A proclamation of good faith stating the lack of malicious intent on the site.
  6. An authenticated report clearly outlining that every detail in the statement is correct and factual, which also adds the statement is made under the owners’ permission to act on their behalf to address the pupated problem of infringement.

Inappropriate Downloading

Docformats.net has the total discretion to end or limit access to site products and services for any user whose download behaviors insinuate unsuitable usage. Any imposed restrictions will be removed by Docformats.net, depending on the usage situation once the user proofs they are not engaging in unacceptable download behavior. For Docformats.net to determine this matter, it will need to get in touch with its users to better understand their behavior on their service, thereby limiting their access. Users of Docformats.net are urged to give proof of legitimate use when downloading items in high volumes, thereby reducing the chances of activating the action response under this policy.

There are no stringer limits enforced by Docformats.net on restricting the user’s ability to download products from its site. However, suppose any behavior that suggests direct misuse or unsuitabledownloading is detected. In that case, the company has the right to resort to legal action to safeguard itself and all its assets. Docformats.net will investigate any matter relating to this policy’s possible breaches and everything detailed in our License Agreement, Terms of Use, and any other binding agreements shown on the website. Any imposed limitations will be lifted after a sensible duration once the investigations yield a satisfactory outcome.

In case you suspect any possible breach of contract, please go to our contact page and send us an email on this matter.