Ready-Made Spa Gift Certificate Templates

Gift certificates have often been used on numerous special occasions by many people to fulfill several purposes. For instance, gift certificates can often be used by individuals as gifts to their loved ones when commemorating a special day in their lives. They are also often popular among business owners as they act as great promotional and advertising platforms for specific products/services. Some of the services gifted in these certificates include a free spa session, discounted session, membership discount, etc. Here are some spa gift certificate templates to get you started with your professional spa gift certificate.

What is a Spa Gift Certificate?

A  spa gift certificate is a specially designed and printed document often handed out to specific people to be used as vouchers to purchase and avail of spa services. These gift certificates can often originate from a spa business owner as a promotional and advertising strategy by keeping customers engaged and possibly returning for more services. They usually create an on-hand cash feeling that warrants for extensive redemption of these gift certificates and improves the individual spa business.

Moreover, a spa gift certificate can often also originate from an individual and be directed to a special person/loved one. These are usually created to commemorate special occasions as the perfect gift idea as a notification on a pre-arranged or an oncoming spa session. Thus, they can be presented as a celebratory gift to show someone you care about them by gifting them with a spa session.

There are numerous spa gift certificate templates with varying designs to ensure that you find the perfect and most fitting. These templates are also fully customizable, allowing you to modify the decorations and contents to your preferred liking. This ensures that the final spa gift certificate is beautiful and appealing to the final recipients.

What to Include in a Spa Gift Certificate

A spa gift certificate often needs to be perfectly created with all the details and particulars incorporated in the preparatory stage. This will ensure that the purpose of these gift certificates of impressing and attracting the recipients is achieved in both personal and business aspects. Therefore some of the vital contents of a spa gift certificate include;

Highlighted certificate title

This is a crucial detail to be included in these gift certificates. This is because they indicate the specific type of gift certificate, as in this case, a spa gift certificate. This will minimize possible confusion when, for instance, the gift certificate is offered by a company providing several other services.

Sender/Recipient's names

These are also vital inclusions to these spa gift certificates. The sender's name will indicate the gift certificate's origin to warrant possible future appreciation of the recipient's gesture. Similarly, the recipient's full names often need to be included to guarantee that the gift certificate reaches the intended target.

Precise description

This may often be about company information, product specification, testimonials, and user reviews, among other possibilities. This segment, however, needs to be short and subtle to prevent confusion. You may thus indicate specifications such as the monetary value of the spa service.


The expiry date of the spa gift certificate should be in the details and should be bolded out to act as a reminder for the spa gift certificate recipients not to forget about the deadline to the gift. This is because often redeeming the spa gift certificates past the expiry dates is never possible, which means that failure to redeem the gift certificate may reflect wastage of money and resources.

Contact information

These may also be included in these spa gift certificates in the form of addresses, phone numbers, and emails. These do provide for the communication between the two parties involved preventing the possibility of resource wastage.

Certificate number

These should be assigned to each spa gift certificate when massively produced for business purposes. The numbers need to be unique and gift certificate specific to facilitate easy tracking and identification of the cards, preventing duplications and insecurities.

Terms and conditions

The business owner should mention the necessary terms and conditions on a spa gift certificate. These will ensure that the spa services are rendered smoothly without confusion and disturbances.

Company name and logo

These are also vital when dealing with a spa gift certificate for business purposes. These will guarantee the identification of your business establishment, thus popularizing it among the recipient customers. You may even add a picture of the product/service/store to attract customers further.

How to create a spa gift certificate

For a business spa gift certificate aimed at the advertisement and promotional purposes, you should first prepare by;

  • Getting the marketing plan ready. A comprehensive marketing plan will help you generate ideas to translate your business goals into reality as a business establishment. Therefore, in the spa business, you should check out the fast and slow-moving specific spa services to isolate the ones that need advertising/promotion to garner more clientele.
  • Research design inspirations. The creativity laid out in the design elements will go a long way in attracting even more customers. Therefore, your customization and design game should be top notch and acceptable, appropriate, and appealing to most clients and prospect clients.
  • Note down the possible offers. Furthermore, as a business, you do not want to offer too great discounts/free spa services at your business's expense. Therefore, your business plan should incorporate an offer scheme by analyzing current market trends in the spa business and customer preferences to develop an acceptable amount in the form of freebies, discounts, and markdowns, which would still provide you with a significant profit despite the price cut downs. These constitute the preparatory stages for a business spa gift certificate creation. After these, you should then execute the following steps accordingly; for personal spa gift certificates, you may begin creating one at this stage;
  • Downloading a template. At this stage, you should first search the internets for an appropriate, most fitting, and easily customizable gift certificate template for your utilization, then download it to your PC.
  • Editing the template. You will then open the downloaded file using appropriate applications and filling all the required spaces with appropriate information like names, dates, descriptions, etc. Some templates often allow for editing on the website before downloading a completed gift certificate. Apart from filling in the spaces, you should further customize your template by adding features such as pictures, logos, changing font styles, content arrangements, among several other decorative elements. This will improve the charm and appeal to these gift certificates.
  • Double-checking. To guarantee perfection, you will need to go through the template several times after editing to ensure that any mistakes and omissions, such as wrong spellings and grammar, are corrected in time. This step ensures that the spa gift certificate is to perfection.
  • Print out. This is the final step that often requires a high quality and durable paper to print the final customized spa gift certificate. The spa gift certificate is now ready to send out or display to customers for whatever purpose they were created.
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