Ready-Made Hotel Gift Certificate Templates

If you operate a hotel, then designing a hotel gift certificate for your clients is an essential marketing and promotional strategy. This gift certificate can be used by your customers as a present to their spouse or family to come and enjoy a relaxing stay at the hotel or their favorite meal at your restaurant. With the gift certificate, which is a digital or printed document used for buying and availing of particular items, you’ll be able to outdo your rivals. But where do you start when you want to create a beautiful hotel gift certificate? This must be a question you’re asking yourself to try and figure out how to continue making your clients feel treasured, hence not opting for your competitors. If you don’t know where to start, here’s a comprehensive guide on the steps to follow when making a hotel gift certificate and a collection of free and pro ready-made templates to get you started.

How To Make A Hotel Gift Certificate?

When designing a hotel gift certificate, it’s crucial to design it expertly to bring out its marketing and promotional uses. These gift certificates come attached with a particular monetary value that allows customers to redeem specific products and services. Because of this, gift certificates are usually equated to ready cash to spend. If a client has a hotel gift certificate, they’re more likely to return and spend it. When they do this, it increases the chances of them making additional sales.

It’s thus clear that having hotel gift certificates will be beneficial to your hotel business. Here’s an outline of the steps to follow when creating a hotel gift certificate template.

Prepare The Marketing Strategy

It’s vital to first think of a detailed marketing strategy before implementing the design. With the marketing plan, you’ll be able to establish the current trends in the economy. Because of this, you’ll be better placed to think of marketing ideas that will help you in achieving your set business objectives. Furthermore, you’ll have an improved cash flow, and this translates to greater profits.

Think of Suitable Design Ideas

When thinking of the best design for your hotel gift certificate, it’s advisable to consider integrating numerous design aspects into the layout. This means researching for both graphic content and design. Incorporating simple designs might be unappealing to some of your customers, so it’s recommended to think of more creative designs. By doing this, you’ll be able to develop a more appealing design and take your designing game to a whole different level.

Identify The Possible Offers

Make sure to look over your business plan to identify the most appropriate gift certificate offer scheme. In addition to this, assess your customers’ tastes and preferences to think of the perfect discounts, freebies, markdowns, and amounts.

When thinking of the best discount techniques to employ, there are numerous factors you need to consider. These include examining your competitors, determining profitable discount prices, assessing your profit margin, and thinking of suitable pricing techniques. Ensure the offers stated on the hotel gift certificate align with the available stock and your sales target.

Incorporate Creativity

Now that you have the design inspiration, marketing plan, and offers in place, it’s now time to put everything into the paper. When adding graphic texts and designs, make sure to use editing applications, including Apple Pages on Mac, Microsoft Publisher, and Adobe Photoshop. As you integrate creativity into your work, make sure to be innovative and proficient in placing elements, including the business name, logo, name of the recipients, expiry dates, and terms and conditions.

Confirm All Designs Before Printing

After thorough consideration and design, ensure the second check, and edit everything. You should also trace numbers, confirm the offers as well as any other useful information. Moreover, make sure to always carefully go through the documents before sending your stakeholders and customers. As you print the hotel gift certificate template, make sure to use paper stocks of remarkable since they’re not only more presentable but also more long-lasting.

What to Include In The Hotel Gift Certificate Template

You must include various items in the hotel gift certificate that your clients will find as appealing. By incorporating these details, you’ll get an idea of the best way to frame your hotel gift certificate and what to include. The important information you need to have are;

  • A highlighted title of the certificate.
  • The terms and conditions of the hotel gift certificate.
  • The expiry dates in bold letters.
  • A detailed explanation of the product specification, company details, testimonials, and user reviews.
  • Contact and address details.
  • A distinct event name and certificate number for tracking purposes.

Creating a hotel gift certificate is crucial if you want to outdo your competitors. However, designing one can be relatively challenging and a hassle. Therefore, if you’re hoping to save yourself time and the effort of developing one, our ready-made gift certificates is undoubtedly a great option to consider. Here, you’ll find formal, standard, and professional documents and certificate templates that can suit your hotel business.


The hotel gift certificate is an essential aspect that you must capitalize on as a hotel owner. By employing this technique, you’ll be able to achieve higher sales and increased profit margins. This will be achievable since you’ll be able to ensure your existing clients keep coming back to your hotel.

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