Ready-Made Birthday Gift Certificate Templates

Birthday gift certificates are a great way to celebrate a close friend, relative or treasured colleague on their special day. They’re often highly effective from a marketing perspective because their scope is much broader than standard commercial products. With a gift certificate, the recipient gets more control over when and how they use their treat. Considering the low production cost, it’s easy to see why gift certificates are beneficial for retailers. If you want to make birthday gift certificates a part of your next promotional strategy, become a subscriber today. We specialize in beautifully designed, fully customizable birthday gift certificate templates that you can download in seconds. All our birthday gift certificate templates can be downloaded and edited as Microsoft Word documents. Just pick your template, download it, then add custom details unique to your business.

Advice On Using Birthday Gift Certificates

There are various ways to use birthday gift certificates and reap their promotional benefits. Some retailers offer them to their customers as a gifting option. Instead of purchasing a standard product for a birthday celebration, they can do something a little more exciting and give an experience such as a hotel stay, spa day, or online gaming credits.

Birthday gift certificates can also be given to long time customers as freebies on their special day. This is a nice way to show you care, and, according to the marketing principle of reciprocation, it increases the likelihood of customers spending money in your store.

However, you choose to use gift certificates; they should be well designed and easy to use. If you need inspiration, check out the templates on our website.

Tips To Create A Professional Birthday Gift Certificate

Gift certificates can sometimes be purposely noncommittal if they intend to offer a fairly generic re-gifting option to customers. However, most businesses design their birthday gift certificates around a particular product or experience, such as an online game, popular brand, or restaurant.

This gives you a chance to create specialized and beautiful gift certificates that appeal to specific types of people. Here are some tips you can use when designing or selecting templates.

  • Consult Your Promotional Strategy. It's a good idea to consult your marketing plan before creating gift certificates to ensure your designs meet all the key objectives. You probably already know a lot about your industry's major trends, so make good use of previous research and align colour schemes, motifs, and messages with established branding.
  • Investigate Your Competitors. All is fair in retail sales. There's no reason you can't research your closest competitors for inspiration and evidence of what works and what doesn't work. Look at businesses with successful birthday gift certificates and find out what customers like. You don't need to copy their strategy. Just compare it with your designs to see if you're on the right track. Don't forget; you can visit our website for inspiration and see hundreds of customizable templates you can download right away.
  • Budget Your Bonuses. If your gift certificates involve any special offer or promotion - instead of being a straight substitute for a specific monetary amount - they need to be fully budgeted and considered part of your regular expense calculations. Make sure you can afford to honor the deals featured in your birthday gift certificates, especially if they prove to be a major hit with customers.
  • Double Check Your Designs. Whether you're handling the designs in-house or choosing from our selection of birthday gift certificate templates, double-check all the details before committing. Make sure you're downloading the correct template and that it offers the necessary customization options.
  • Print On High-Quality Paper. Don't skimp when it comes to printing quality. Yes, birthday gift certificates are inexpensive pieces of paper or card, but they promise real value. Print your gift certificates on the finest possible paper, a presentation style of paper that doesn't bend or crease too easily. Use high-quality inks as well. If you don't have the necessary supplies or equipment, it might be worth sending your designs to a third-party printer.

What to Include On Your Birthday Gift Certificates

Every business is different, so you should always consider your objectives and create your birthday gift certificates in line with retail goals. Here are some key details to think about including on your designs:

  • Company name and/or logo
  • The specific product (substitute for) and/or specific monetary value
  • Certificate's expiry date
  • Certificate identification number (for security purposes)
  • Terms and conditions
  • Birthday themed design/motif(s)
  • Business address and/or telephone number

You can add all of these details quickly and simply to our readymade, downloadable gift certificate templates. Browse our range of editable templates to find a design you love, customize it, print it out, and put it up in your store. It's never been easier to honor your favorite customers on their special day.

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